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Design, Supply & Install

A turnkey service should mean just that, and at PremiAir Comfort we aim to include everything you need, from initial survey and concept right through to installation and commissioning of a fully working system and beyond with fully service and maintenance. The idea is that we arrive at your premises as they are today, and leave when you have a fully working installation, without asking you to call in other trades.

We understand that your production schedule cannot be disrupted, and manage our projects and train our installation teams with that in mind.

The key stages in our process are:

    Undertaken to collect the information required to move the project to the next stage, and to make sensible and useful recommendations, the initial survey takes between one hour and an entire day depending upon the complexity of the building and its existing systems, and allows us to understand fully your needs.
  2. Design and Proposal
    Following the site survey we will prepare a report discussing the various options and recommendations, detailing our scheme design, specifying the proposed equipment and provide a fixed price quotation for you consideration.
  3. Design Development
    Discussion of our design is important to be sure it takes full account of your process, building and people within it and we are more than happy to develop the design through as many iterations as it takes for everyone involved to be completely happy.
  4. Installation
    Once we are instructed to proceed a detail survey will be undertaken to prepare for manufacture, and the work will then be programmed to accommodate the most important factor; avoiding disruption to your business. Installation is carried out by our highly trained teams who are used to working alongside production processes, and who are fully supported by experienced and pro-active contract managers and full documentation. Full RAMS are issued and agreed prior to works starting on site.
  5. Commissioning
    Commissioning includes a demonstration of the working system to your staff, and correct setup of the airflow, thermostats and controls etc. If required we are always available to fine-tune the system once it’s been running for a while and people have become used to its performance.
  6. Document Issue
    You will be issued with a full document pack, which includes operating and maintenance instructions, fault codes, emergency contact numbers, With regards to Evaporative cooling systems a legionella risk assessment (indicating zero risk, but required none-the-less) and with Gas Heating installations a full gas safety certificate will be issued.
  7. Maintenance
    Optionally we can make sure you get the maximum benefit from your investment through affordable maintenance packages tailored to your needs. We employ only qualified engineers, and offer discounted spare parts and labour rates to contract holders, plus preferential response times. A full range of parts are available from our online shop.

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