Air Conditioning Systems

Air Conditioning Systems

Air Conditioning cools by blowing re-circulated air across a refrigerant filled coil, changing the state of that refrigerant mechanically in a compressor, and then rejecting the heat to outside. It is often the favoured technology to provide combined heating and cooling solutions for office, retail and commercial work spaces. It is available in many different forms dependent upon the requirements of the particular building and its occupants.

Our design team can supply and install high performance, energy efficient and highly cost-effective heating and cooling solutions throughout the UK. The following is an overview of some of the types available.


Inverter air systems optimise the efficiency and accuracy of the cooling and/or heating system, which is achieved by controlling the speed of the compressors. This in turn modulates the capacity of the system to match load/duty required of the area. Inverter or otherwise called “heat pumps” are so efficient that the government encourages such installations by allowing businesses to claim an Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA), making it a very tax efficient purchase indeed.

The heat pump function is exceptionally efficient to run, and results in low power consumption, low carbon emissions and low running costs. The efficiency of the system is quantified by the COP (the ratio of power in to power out): 1kW power in (electricity) = 4kW heat out, or a COP of 1 to 4. The COPs can be recorded in excess of 1 to 6 pending good design, operation and conditions.

These systems can be wall mounted, under ceiling mounted, ceiling cassette type and can be supplied as single stand alone systems of multi-split systems with multiple internal units on a single external compressor.


This type of system offers the additional advantage of energy (heat) recovery, which offers significant energy saving opportunities. The heat recovery (VRF) system can be installed into the majority of new and existing buildings, and consists of a number of indoor units connected to a central outdoor unit offering simultaneous heating and cooling capability to each individual indoor unit (as required by the occupant).

In simplistic terms energy savings are achieved as follows:-

If one side of the building is in direct sunlight causing the area to require cooling to achieve a comfortable temperature, then the likelihood is that the other side of the building is in the shade and requires heating. The VRF heat recovery system cools the sunny side of the building by absorbing the heat, then transfers that ’waste’ heat into the area at the shaded side of building, providing ‘free’ heating.

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